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Hi Matty,

I agree with most of your points, except the part about J’s music being "in the middle". I understand that it was a comment on musical complexity, not skill or appeal, but his music has been too big & important & integral in my life to be categorized that way.


Discuss what a "celebrity" is to you, why people are celebrities, and what you think who we chose as celebrities says about us.

It’s interesting to see who gets "celebrated" in our society. My thought is that people who achieve fame in either the movie industry or the music industry are people who A) have connections, or B) have proved their marketability (even though they may lack talent). Celebrity is not achieved, it is designated. Big movie houses, big record labels, and big media (owned by big corporations) do the honors.


I think people are always looking for an escape, and they get that escape by watching other people’s lives.

I think there’s some truth in that. I think that people are basically just afraid to become introspective; to question their tastes and beliefs and values. Americana is a very cushy culture; people often prefer to be ignorant and happy than educated and multi-mooded. If people started to question themselves and their upbringings, and acknowledge their inherent complex nature, you would have anarchy, or at least a little cultural revolution. And no one really wants to be bothered with that.

Unfortunately, our society places a very high value on money. You can see it in the way Dubya has encouraged us to express our patriotism by spending money, as if my identity as an American were defined solely by my ability to earn and spend capital.

As long as people are paying the bills, putting food on the table, and buying Playstation cartridges for the kiddies, they are content. Perhaps not as enriched or happy or well-rounded as they could potentially be, but content. We have our freedom (supposedly), we’re providing for our families, what else do we need? Why do we need independent film, symposiums on race, Fugazi records? Why stir up the shit when it’s not bothering anyone just sitting there stinkin’ on the sidewalk? Give me good clean American fun; fresh faced young white adults making sappy movies with predictable storylines and not-too-complex dialogue or emotion. It’s what I’m used to. Comfort food.

Bland music and bland movies also set a (seemingly) reasonable standard for people, as far as what they should/can aspire to. You just have to look good and play by the rules; how hard can that be? Don’t have to be smart, just crafty enough to get the girl/land the career/kill the bad guy. Not to mention all the "reality tv" crap that teaches people that it’s okay to be manipulative, conniving, dishonest, and cruel if the prize is $1 mil.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but damn if the government doesn’t have a hand in keeping the American public dumb.

more on this later

(Jaron, I can’t believe you came to California & didn’t tell me. I’ll avenge that…be sure of it… [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img] )