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The Dude

**the dude mimicking a wanking motion** (i think we need an emoticon illustrating this action, btw)

ok, in the two posts i’ve left on this thread, i do not recall rebuking anyone’s first amendment rights in the slightest. i was merely partaking in the said priviledge and expressing my opinion, which is that this discussion is the most monumental borefest…ever. i didn’t tell you to cease and desist, did i? well ok, then.

and you people need to realize that oppositions are what make message board interaction fun and interesting. when everyone tip-toes around on egg shells, fearful of disturbing anyone with conflicting opinions, this place becomes a total douchefest.

and tom, can you please refresh my memory regarding the "…most uncalled for rebuke." i sent you, as i don’t recall that at all.

i’d also like to add that the bears are still a bunch of turd burglering butt pirates. i hope that wasn’t too imature.