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<blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by rosa:
<strong>There’s this story that Kurt Vonnegut wrote, a futursitic tale where all the ordinary citizens wear special headsets that keep their brains at a steady, mediocre level of intelligence. They are controlled by a small group of people who live, headset-free, in a big compound, having forfeited their former lives so that they could be in charge. Whorehouses are replaced by Thought houses; instead of paying for sex, you pay a girl to play chess with you and read great texts on philosophy.

Anyone remember the name of that? It escapes me at the moment.
I just borrowed "Welcome to the Monkey House" from the library and The first story in it "Harrison Bergeron" is a lot like the on eyou mentioned but not exactly the same (There was no though houses). It’s the year 2081 and the 211, 212, and 213 amendments have been passed so no one can be more attractive, more strong/quick, or smarter than anyone else. Smart people have to wear devices on their ears that give a blast of noise every 20 seconds to interupt their train of though. Strong people have to wear a bag of weight around their necks and goodlooking people have to wear masks or rubber noses, shave their eyebrows, and wear black tooth caps. It’s really ridicoulous, disturbing, and funny.