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K7 Rides Again

OK, I once read this article many years ago, and I’m not really sure if it fits here, but reading everything you all are talking about just keeps reminding me of it, and since I can’t find the actual piece, I’ll give ya the gist of it.

America the Great?
…There’s a vast empire, many lands and many riches. It’s a dominant player in all world affairs, and has a large army that is unstoppable. Their are many with great wealth, but at the same time many live in the streets. Food is plentiful, but many still starve. The government is corrupt. Big business and money influence the decision making process. The beauracracy lives only to perpetuate itself, rather than the people it represents. Representives are corrupt, taking bribes and only serving their own interests. Morality in general is spiraling downward. Crime rates keep rising. Many are scared of the police force designated to protect them. Athletics and acting are the sole focus of the society. Athletes and entertainers are paid unheard of amounts of money, while the people who pull the weight get paid less and less. Inflation continues to grow and foreign debts continue to rise. Their is much civil unrest within the society…

So anyways, the whole thing goes on and on like that, and the whole time you’re thinking "Wow, this is totally describing the United States" and then the last line of the article is…

…and Rome fell in 476A.D.

Just something to think about.