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Hmmm… the Pumpkins BBS is at http://www.smashingpumpkins.com/SPmb.html

I agree that the Here’s to the atom Bomb on the bside of the "Try" European single is better.

What do you mean by promos? Billy’s acoustic demos and such? Or something else entirely?

As for Metro and other releases, Billy has said on the BBS that they were coming (or at least alluded highly to it) but hasn’t said in what order. The common thought is that Metro DVD will be released first followed by the albums, in order, with bonus tracks.

I really haven’t heard anything about a greatest hits album, although I hope so. I spent some money to get a promo CD called "Smashing Pumpkins 1991-1998" which is a partial greatest hits.

Other Pumpkin releases rumoured to be coming: Storytellers DVD (full thing, not just 5 songs), "Before the Beginning" and "After the End" recording on official website, and the Mashed Potatoes boxed set.

Also, check out the "unreleased" music videos for Quiet and Jellybelly on the bands offical site. Good stuff.

Oh, and here’s a site for you: http://www.givetheworld.net/shows/2000-12-02/ It has the first set of the Metro show.

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