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Untitled will not be one of the new tracks on the Best Of Album, he wrote 2 new songs for that album, I got this news from a very reliable source

Btw I am one of the few who have all the Promos of Machina 2 , I know the story behind that album, I still dont like that album
A weak version of Here’s to the Atom Bomb (Bside of Try Try Try is way much better) & Its not my favorite one, but the thoughts behind it are cool
That source of me also told me that it will be released one day also like that last Metro concert & all the albums will be released with some new songs like demos & outtakes
That could be interesting

Whats the URl of That Pumpkins BBS?

Btw their is a interesting site who will have a unreleased or live song on their site every day
The url is: http://dailysp.diaryland.com
Check it out sometimes

C Ya

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