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I never got into mainstream alt stuff;Nirvana was good and everyone that followed I did`nt like.I checked out what the local college station was playing and stuck to that;some bands I like are semi-mainstream like Teenage Fanclub.I guess j fits in with the semi-mainstream or maybe not.Indie bands that made moderate sucess might be called semi-mainstream.I don`t like catorgories,I`m sick of
the words alternative,indie,emo said by people
who would`nt know what they mean if they fell over it.Why can`t we call these terms rock music and leave it like that.In indie rock there`s terms like twee pop/slowcore/dream pop/emo/space rock-It`s stupid!every music has these stupid sub-genres in jazz it`s bop/hard bop/post bop/free bop…it`s just jazz!
Oh yeah modest mouse;good band,there is alot
of backlash against them;one reason I think
is Iassic Brock who was`nt formally charged
for date rape of a seattle woman.I heard this on the CBC radio show here in canada called Brave New Waves.It`s pretty disturbing to think that someone we listen to would do this and I hope that he is innocent of it.If Iassic is
reading this I`m sorry for bringing this up but people here don`t understand why there`s so much anti-mouse talk.