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Someone recently told me that Godsmack actually took their name from an AIC lyric. I haven’t heard them but it makes sense that they’d sound like a ripoff band.

I’m not familiar with a lot of the groups mentioned in this thread. But let me take this opportunity to say that I cannot STAND Sheryl Crow and it sickens me to see her share the stage with all these rock legends. Her voice is awful and her lyrics are stupid. I suspect people enjoy her because she’s a woman who can put a few chords together, and she has good legs.

I can’t knock all the pop crap because some of it is catchy, and if it makes me dance, it can’t be all bad. Manufactured hits might be disingenuous but I think they have a place in our society, even if it’s just as commentary on our hedonistic culture. *shrug*

I’m a slaaaaaave for freakscene.