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OK, I couldn’t leave this one alone for too long. Please remember this is just my opinion so don’t hate me for it as I too respect others comments, opinions and whatever else they have to say, express…whatever. <img> It is all cool with me. <img>

The Strokes – When I first listened to them, all I could think about was The Rolling Stones back from like late 60’s up to late 70’s when Mick was kind-a singing talking and you really didn’t know what the fuck he was saying most of the time. That is the sound I hear when I listen to The Strokes. The videos at least hold my attention somewhat <img>

<img> Howie Day <img> – MTV did a story on this ASS CLOWN, about how "innovative" and "genius" this guy is for playing acoustic guitar and using guitar effects (loops) at the same time during his live shows….sound familiar? <img> This guy claims to have picked up the idea from Joseph Arthur who uses loops in his stuff. If you missed it he played on TV a few weeks back on Craig Kilbourn. I was NOT impressed at all! He looped a bunch of finger taps and knocks on the acoustic guitar and looped that as a rythem to follow/play to.

Whatever <img>