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A note to you Pumpkin fans,have you ever heard of Shudder to Think?They have this movie soundtrack called "first love last rights"
it features different singers singing their tunes including Billy Corgan.You might want to look for this cd,it`s under Shudder to Think`s name.
Another Pumpkin apperence was with Red Red Meat on Sweet Relief 2:songs of Vic Chesnutt
this is from 96,it has the Pumpkins teaming up with RRM on Vic`s song "sad peter pan".
Anyway back to topic,here`s some more songs I been listening to:
Richard Buckner-Hand @ the hem
Don Cabbalero-Room temprature lounge
Caddallaca-Two beers later
Rachel`s-Kentucky Nocturne
Panoploy academy Glee club-Nar Nar
Guided By Voices-Tight Globes
Lullaby for the working class-Spreading the evening sky…
My Morning jacket-The way that he sings
Mountain Goats-Family Happiness
Mary Lou Lord-Camden Town Rain
Blonde Redhead-Bipolar
Arcwelder-Captain Allen
June Of 44-Cardiac Atlas
Mogwai-Small Children in the background