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Hey Salamiguy
getting desperate to find new topics?!
Just kidding.
But I can only talk about the things I got wrong myself. I might warn you that this is really boring. In the wedding presents "Everyone can make a mistake", I always thought that David was singing:"A little bit of what your fancy goes into any girl at all, I know that now." which doesn´t make much sense but sounded good to me all the same. Now (thanks to the internet) I know that he´s actually singing:"A little bit of what you fancy doesn´t do you any good at all, I know that now." which makes more sense, but is not that easy to sing along to.
Oh well, that gives me a perfect excuse to talk about Steve Albini again. Oh by the way, it´s pretty rich of you to point out that I spelt 18th dye wrong when you misspell Albini every single time.
Anyway, Courtney Love and David Gedge (mastermind of the wedding present) bumped into each other on the Reading Festival (that was the year after Kurt Kobains demise) and Courtney slapped David in the face without any warning. Apparently his only crime was that he knew Steve Albini (he produced "Seamonsters"). But that was enough for Courtney. What a sad case.