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Mikes first disc is pretty good, I don”t listen to it that much anymore, but I would’nt ever sell it.
I think Year of Mondays has some great songs on it. It’s actually my favorite album of his. At a couple of the Hand it Over tour shows I saw, J took over on the drums, Mike played guitar and sang, and Mike’s ex-wife(Leslie Hardy I believe is her name, from the now defunct Juned) played a few of the songs from YOM. She was awesome on the bass, and J is the best damn drummer I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing, but J is actually a better drummer than he is a guitar player! He is so damn talented.
I liked I feel Alright, but to me it’s more of a disc I’d throw on when I wake up, or go to bed. Every songs about his wife cheating on/ betraying him. You feel sad for Mike after hearing that album.