Well what an odd gig. J must be doing it on a tight budget. To get up on stage and, like some odd magician, pull various bits of electronic kit from a cheap backpack and assemble them in front of the waiting crowd was unusual for an artiste. For a while it looked like a ‘performance’ piece. The Metro isnt exactly a theatre is it, J couldn’t get off the stage so he simply began playing once he had all his boxes plugged in which suited me and most others Im sure

Still, very good gig. I liked the innovation of recording the main theme (it wasnt just the bassline, it was normally one riff repeated) of some songs onto a foot operated box so that he could trigger basic accompaniment for the solos. Some solos went a bit off the rails but overall the man did good. A lot of people around me seemed to be bored during many of the songs, but it seemed to me as I came in that I was the only person not on the guest list and guest list people dont really know the songs and so dont have the advantage of ‘hearing’ the song behind the solos. It just sounds like some madman trying to strangle a guitar.