Went to the Metro show on friday. As everyone else said it was so laid back, a real tonic to hyped up stars etc. I was a bit worried about the venue Id heard bad things about the sound system but it seemed fine to me! <img>
The support band were wicked loud and distorted, nice! <img>
Went with Breezy and a few other friends and everyone enjoyed it. As we were leaving, J was at the bottom of the stairs and I was the only one of my friends to notice him there, and promptly made a fool of myself by shaking his hand and sluring something to him. He looked genuinly scared <img> , but not as scared as he did when Breezy got his photo taken with him <img> . So J if you read this i apologise. Im sure Breezy will apologise later when he has a moment. I still havent washed my hand <img> .
Wicked show. Always wicked. Just wish i hadnt drunk so much!

Come back soon J we love you <img> !!!!