Fantastic show! Just as good if not better than the one at the Underworld a couple of years back. It was good to be at the front and able to see everything this time. Even my friends who are not massive fans were impressed. They couldn’t believe how laid back J was! He just kinda strolled on stage with his rucksack, and set up all his pedals and gear by himself, then sat on the stool and wrote out the setlist right before playing! As already mentioned he was sampling his own playing with a digital delay pedal? before some of the songs. This enabled him to play the guitar solos while the sample of the acoustic rhythm bit was looped in the background. During Alone he had the sample run the whole song, and just solo’d over the top – sounded very effective. 3 songs from the new album I think, one of which sounded amazing, don’t know the names, 2 off More Light and all the usual favourites like Repulsion, Little Fury things, the Wagon, Flying Cloud, Thumb etc. No covers this time. The packed crowd all seemed to enjoy it, he got a good reception. I just wish I could go to these shows night after night. He really is awesome.