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This is too good- more Waits fans! I just got Mule Variations recently, then went back to Bone Machine, and next I’m going for the Swordfishtrombones – Frank’s Wild Years – Rain Dogs trilogy. If that guy ever clears his throat, his career’s over.
Hey- somebody who actually knows who John Coltrane is… this is getting freakier by the minute, I swear. I’ve been trying to listen to A Love Supreme recently, but it just doesn’t seem as accessible…

On the subject of that Garbage riff, I’m not sure now whether it’s Garbage or Pearl Jam… It sounds kinda like a cross between "Supervixen" and the start of "Nothing as it Seems"… might even be a Skunk Anansie thing…. <img> AAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH <img> I just know it’s never gonna get out my head until I work out what it is….