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Allison-Just read Brother Wayne`s interview,I like alot of the jazz refrences,very cool;he was right about Miles starting fusion and leading to crap like kenny g and lite jazz(elevator music for zombies),kinda like Nirvana starting the alt rock thing and leading to bland bands.
The MC5 does have a important place in 20th century music whether people know it or not,they made alot of noise for a short time,but since that music is documented in their albums,their legacy will live on.
I like Wayne talking about free jazz and how it was political jazz as opposed to the more conservative stuff,free jazz really was punk and underground music,they were`nt rock musicians but despite music style the ideas and energy was the same as punk rock.
Liked all the fav albums list there too,Kramer likes Coltrane`s Ascension,I love that piece too,all 40 minutes of it.
Asheton likes Pharoah Sanders`s Upper Egypt,cool Ron!I heard that recently,it`s on one of my mix tapes lists.
Thanks again,Allison!