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As it was said here before,Kurt mentioning the bands he liked in interviews helped people get into them;Pixies,Breeders,Flipper,Shonen Knife,Vaselines,Meat Puppets,Melvins,Wipers,etc.
Smells like Teen Spirit was`nt life changing to me,seeing Sonic Youth play I Wanna Be Your Dog on TV in 1990 was,something clicked in me,like that was the kind of music I wanted to get into.
I`m not a huge Nirvana fan but I like alot of their songs.The music mags have done Nirvana overkill I think instead of putting their focus on another artist that has`nt got much attention,but they`re not going to do that.
I don`t think there`s going to be a next Nirvana,the music industry these days is nu metal,electronic music,hip hop still hanging in there.Indie rock has been on the decline for the last few years,country music is declining too,jazz got a little boost last year with the Ken Burns doctumentary on TV and cd series.