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I gotta agree with the right time/right song deal, everywhere you went ,no matter what, that song was being played/sung aloud to anthem like. It did open up the whole music deal at the time so a lot of other cool bands got some exposure as well which was great. Loved kurts voice, they released three amazing releases and yeah I miss them. But like rj said I think things would have changed drastically…probably in a good way for Kurt if he had been able to exit stage east and start over. If of course he had been able to deal with the whole addiction thing versus just self destructing in another place.

There was a whole music scene b4 kurt though, tons of other cool bands…Swervedriver, Dino Jr, JAMC, Sonic Youth, Sugar, Replacements, Flaming Lips etc so it wasn’t all that new of a thing to me.
I wasn’t caught up like some, agree Nirvana made everyone money…especially music mags/writers. So I agree with Malcom about the magazine deal, they are definitely financially driven (seems to be the only law music mags really follow) to promote the band even after death they are making a killing on Nirvana <img>