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Randy Jane

Well, (you knew I would say something in this post) Nirvana is definately my favorite "dead" band, Dino/J gets it as living band. The first time I ever heard Nirvana, was right before they got famous. I went to Wal*Mart and bought a skateboard video called Board Crazy. It had Mudhoney, Nirvana, Kings of Rock, Nights and Days, Coffin Break, and the Umen. Nirvana had Love Buzz on there, I was in like the fourth grade I think, and I was the only one for about a half a year singing Nirvana at school, and wearing what I thought to be at the time "that kind of rock (for lack of the grunge name yet…Mark Arm hadnt said it yet, hehe) clothing." Yeah, I got made fun of, but I didnt care, and I didnt think I would ever see them liking that stuff. But then the trend came in, I was in a way happy it did, because I could turn on the TV and see good music being played for once. When I was 12, my cousin let me listen to Where You Been, and I fell even more into the scene. I didnt "sell out" and become a poser, I was never exposed to punk….Poison and 70s music was played at my house….then hip hop and crap, then I found this and loved it. Back to your post, Nirvana was a great band and Im still hearing some songs for the first time (though now im running low). Out of all of the great song they had on albums, the rare stuff I thought was better. The stuff the media didnt want was great, and thats what the band liked playing. I hate myself and want to die was really good, but dropped from the album, (that was because of Chris though). There were a lot of really good bands that came along with Nirvana, it no doubt changed a lot of people who still listen to the stuff today. I think its really neat that Nirvana got what they deserved, but then everything was overdone. If Kurt was still around, Nirvana wouldve broken up, that was a said fact….Kurt was going to quit, and get divorced from Courtney, and move to the east with his friends. He wasnt happy living in Seattle, for obvious reasons, and he was tired of being poster boy of grunge. Now that Ive filled your head with useless facts about Nirvana and my life, (wich I could go on and on about for days) maybe you might understand a little more from whatever side im speaking for, and you may know a little more about the band or me.