re: the slacker thing…I have found that today, you can dye your hair purple and put a bone through your nose, and the kid that will get picked on the most is always the quiet one sitting by himself in the corner…just food for thought…

also must point out that J is a Sagittarius- lemme tell ya, I’ve dated a few Sagittarians in my day and absolutely none of them were slackers…astrology doesn’t run my life but I find the description of Sag as intense, compassionate, & flighty to be accurate…use this info as you will [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/face-icon-small-wink.gif[/img]


"I don’t feel distrustful / I don’t feel extreme / don’t really wanna leave"

p.s. slackers are people who can’t think of intelligent questions to ask in interviews