my 2 Cents:

It’s not the journalists that have created this "Slacker " myth.


He has lovingly created this image. It allows him to take or leave any situation as he likes. It’s seems to me to be a pretty clever arrangement. If you toss him the ball so to speak, he can catch it and throw it back if he likes. Or he can just let it fall to the floor and chuckle at the silly game you were luring him into.

Naturally the journalists are kind of frustrated as they don’t like it when you point out that they are superficial flotsam and jetsam.

But the rest of us kind of admire this image. It’s cool to see some one being tough with out being an jerk.

It also gives J a vary innovative character as a musician. A lot of people who are into the blues are discusted by the rock and role interpretation of the Blues. Blues musicians maintain a distance from the subjects of there songs (using sarchasm and self parody) and a distance from their audience too. But Rock musicians through themselves into both their subject and their audience. Rock is something hot and immediate. The Blues is laid back and cool.

I think that J kind some how presents both of these modes at the same time. Most if not all of his songs have an intense, immediacy but also there is a mysterious distance.

Oh yeah, if I were J, I would be posting here but not as myself!! And I would not tell the adminastrator either!!!