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I have to admit that I havent heard much of it yet and the bits I´ve heard were really what you would expect. For me Pavement peaked with Crooked Rain and although the things they recorded after that were kind of ok, in my view they weren´t going to save indie rock as I thought they would when Slanted and enchanted came out. So I lost interest to some degree. Plus, the last time I saw Pavement live (two years ago) I was really pissed off by their refusal to talk to the audience. I mean, you don´t have to go for the "Hey Germany, do you wanna Rocknroll!" approach, but to ignore the crowd completly was just so rude. It was a rather lacklustre affair, no verve left and it really seemed that it was time to call it a day. However, I´m not too keen on people, leaving perfectly good bands to take the singer/songwriter careeroption. But yeah, if it´s any good, I sure will give it a listen.
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