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I agree with dimpfelmoser;Pavement peaked with Crooked Rain,when I bought that album I was pretty amazed by it,bought Slanted not long after.In 95 when they released Wowee Zowee I was disapointed,some songs were good but in comparison with the other 2 albums it`s was`nt very impressive;Brighten The Corners was better but still was`nt as good as Crooked Rain,Terror Twilight I never bothered buying.
I heard a couple of tunes from the Malkmus solo record,I thought they were good.Nothing is going to beat those first 2 Pavement albums.
One more thing about Pavement;I heard in 97 that Pavement won`t play a show for under 10 000 U.S. dollars.Seems alot of money for an indie band.