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I don’t. I visited her yesterday, as planned.

There is nothing there. Really. By just about any standerd my Grandmother is no more. Imagine lying in bed, able to hear, barly able to see, dependant upon leval six oxygen (virtually pure) and an Iv to keep you alive. This isn’t life. I’m not even certain she can see or hear anything. My Mum say she can recognize my presence, but I’m not certain.

What’s actually killing her is pneumonia and dehydration. Such mundane killers. When you hear about things like congestive heart failure you don’t think that a person in a coma is incapable of eating or drinking. Since a feeding tube would or medication (and an IV would only add to the fluid in her lungs) would only add a few days, my mum and auntie have put her on hospice.

Life sucks sometimes.