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Sorry to hear about your grandmom. Never had a live grandmother by blood since I have been around. Didi have a lady who raised my mom,as her own mother died at age 11. My mother’s father died when I was about 13 or so from brain cancer brought on by years od drink. Never knew who my dad was, and still don’t.

Far as the woman who raised my mother, she was sweet and treated me like her own blood kiddie. Sadly she died from lung cancer while I was about 10. My mother is also dying of a terminal disease as we speak. That just leaves my brother who would rather party than come to grips with himself and be brotherly.

Can’t say I have a lot of advice to give and there has not really been a whole lot to say about true comfort for the dying or those who see loved ones wither away. Perhaps you can just bond more with the family at hand as some sort of proximal tribute to the wonderfulness that is the life of your grandmother. Gratitude may be hard to reach for the family tree that is distended, at least in my case, but I am glad to say I did have some kind of relatives to speak of, however infuriating. I may write some more later. Feel free to write me privately, Malc is you just need someone impartial to vent with

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