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Saw Dino Jr. last november, ’05 in Pittsburgh.. during Kracked during J’s first solo ends and Lou has small bass riff "solo", well Lou blows out his stack and as they’re scrambling to fix it J see’s whats going on and keeps improv’ing his solo, all the while staring with undiverted indifference, never looking at anything else (not even the guitar) while they get it fixed.. J stops and Lou dont miss a beat and gets rite to where he shoulda been litterally about 4 mins. prior.

And J seemed to have no interest in even being ANYwhere, let alone Pittsburgh on a snowy ass winter nite. That was pleasingly mind-blowing to me. I kept yelling at my friend with a big-ass smile- "he doesnt even care he’s here! YEAH!".
J cracked a smile once from some drunk yellin something… i was 20 then.. and still am atm, and i was just stunned i got to see my rock heroes in the original line-up playing a set full of songs from my fave album by anyone/any band EVER – YLAOM.

All time greatest personnal moment in music.
Mr. ‘Stache