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"SG " wrote:
"fata morgana " wrote:

Yeah. I think it’s time for me to go to bed. My brain is way past caring about accuracies such as life and death–recordings that keep coming out post-humously don’t help.

Yeah, Bill Laswell, the Axiom dude. Although, I may be wrong about that too. :P

Anyway, I love No Bones. The "counterpoint" between the guitar and bass is exquisit (please don’t knock me for using the term "counterpoint") and then, it floats off on a plane… 8) Love that.

Yeah there`s tons of Sun Ra reissues over the years.He recorded alot.
Bill Laswell was the Axiom guy correct ;)

I love the part in the middle of No Bones where J`s guitar distortion washes over you like a wave 8)

I’ve always realy loved the intro to Tarpit. The guitar starting with the hi hat and another guitar coming in followed by Murph’s booming drums. It always seemed like a perfect way to kick of a show to me. 8)