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fata morgana
"SG " wrote:
"fata morgana " wrote:
What is the name of Sonny Sharrock’s son? Also, this brings back good memories: http://www.montrealmirror.com/2005/102005/watn2.html
The Voodoo BBQ’s :D What a great time for the Montreal music scene. ;D

I think you`re thinking of Sonny Greenwich.Sharrock is from New York state.I forget Greenwich`s son`s name but he played in the band Bootsauce.There`s a story about Coltrane hearing Sonny Greenwich and being so impressed asked him to join his band! :o Greenwich turned him down :o :o,I guess wanting to stay in Montreal.But yeah Greenwich is a superb guitarist though uses less distortion than Sharrock ;)

:-[ I was getting that all confused, I was also looking under the Doughboys–which made it even worse. Thanks SG. (karma added) What about Sun Ra, he’s still kicking around, eh ? :)