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"my name is lisa " wrote:
"You’ve Got tO Hide You’re Love Away: This was the first gay rock song, a message to Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who was gay"

Ummm – I don’t think so. Lennon was straight man ::)

There is a lot of doubt about that ( bi-sexual), he even went on holiday with Brian Epstein alone ( there is a movie about that , ofcourse I don’t know the name of that film)

More examples of Beatles brilliance:

-Tomorrow never knows. By using tapeloops it was the first serious sampling technique
-I feel fine; using two sologuitars in one riff
-Hard days night – two different singers in one song ( Lennon the main part, McCartney the "when I’m home" part

Can go on for houres. Check out the Mark Lewisohn book: The complete beatles chronicle