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"King Tubby " wrote:
I was supposed to see Sonny Sharrock in New Haven, CT right around the time the fantastic Laswell-produced Ask the Ages album came out, but he got stuck in a terrible traffic jam on I-95 and never made it. A few months later, he was dead of a heart attack. Not long after, Miles’ old drummer Tony Williams died terribly young of a heart attack, just after finishing the Arcana: Arc of the Testimony album with Laswell. Maybe somebody should prevent Laswell from working with these venerable jazz guys so we can keep them around…..though Pharoah Sanders is still kicking after recording regularly with Laswell. He’s about due for a new record, no?

Some years ago I heard an interview with a guy who was working on a movie around here.He talked about his involvement in the jazz scene of the `60s.Get this:he was Larry Young`s manager and later the manager for the Tony Williams Lifetime!They asked him what he thought of Sharrock`s Ask The Ages which was the buzz at the time.He said he`s been there before :D
Speaking of Sanders,there`s this album by a drummer from Montreal named Franklin Kiermeyer or something called Solomon`s Daughter from 1994 or so.Anyway,Pharoah Sanders goes out of his mind on this album!
Did`nt Whitney Houston work with Laswell on one of the Material albums?Yes,that `s right Whitney ???