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"Hansione " wrote:
The first swearing on a worldwide number one record!

Listen to Hey Jude / Beatles. at 2.58 – 3:00 While Paul is singing, you can hear John shouting "fucking hell", after breaking a string! They try to hide it, muted it a bit, but listen to it, you’ll recognize it.

Okay not magical but still…….

Ah yes, my calculations show there are exactly 2,458,964 magic Beatles moments. I really shouldn’t get started on the Beatles but, a couple of my personal favorites:

Happinesss is a Warm Gun: George Martin brought up a track too quickly. Originally, John sang the "I need a fix" line twice, but the first was supposed to be left out in the release. The end of the first "down," though, ended up on the master.

Rain: This was the first song to use a tape played backwards, which created the strange audio effect. John Lennon discovered the technique when he put the tape for "Tomorrow Never Knows" on the wrong way. He was stoned at the time, and producer George Martin had to convince him that using a backward recording for the entire song was a bad idea.