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No,have`nt seen any vids from that time.Maybe Youtube will have some someday.

Yeah, I’ve noticed stuff is just pouring into youtube, and I’ve seen stuff that I had seen before but
never thought I would see again, and then musicians that I have never seen play like Eva Cassidy and
this great piece from the ultimate monkey man, Buddy Rich, what a nut, what a gem of a video, this is the
music my parents listened to when I was growing up, it was my first introduction to running around a room in a daydream/fantasy guided along by the music……………………………….this is going to be the future of the computer, anything we want to see, anything, we are almost there.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo1L5Ixi5IY&search=buddy%20rich Oo1L5Ixi … ddy%20rich

Funny you mention Buddy Rich since we were talking about Miles` mid `70s recordings.One of the first Rich albums I had was Tuff Dude from 1974;it`s got Sonny Fortune on sax and flute who was playing with Miles on those albums we were talking about.
That Cream video was cool.Back in the day when Clapton was`nt boring his audiences :D ;)