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King Tubby
"SG " wrote:
Laswell and Sakata?Ever heard Last Exit`s Noise Of Trouble album?killer 8)

Yep. I’m a Laswell fanatic, and own probably somewhere near 150 of his albums. The guy’s amazing — he’s released 6 albums so far in 2006 (all good, and very different), with more on the way. I saw him a couple months back playing with a live d-n-b unit featuring Graham Haynes on coronet, an incredible drummer, two far-out programmers, Dr. Israel, and the guitarist from Blind Idiot God. It was perhaps the most sonically extreme performance I’ve witnessed. Awe-inspiring. Those who weren’t dancing were just standing there, stunned. I also saw him, Haynes, and Dr. Israel join Jah Wobble’s band back in Feb for about 45 minutes. Two bass gurus shaking the room like thunder merchants. It was beautiful.