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"King Tubby " wrote:
"SG " wrote:
Miles` Agharta and Pangaea are like Miles` last stand.I love those albums.The songs just go on forever and what a killer band he had.Pete Cosey`s guitars solos are amazing.

It’s too bad Cosey faded into obscurity — he was really something. I’ve got an album from a few years back where he plays with Bill Laswell, Hamid Drake, and Akira Sakata (sax) on a couple cuts, but it’s a mere teaser. He was supposed to play on a crazy d-n-b album Laswell organized last year, but Cosey’s contribution never came through. I’m sure Laswell will keep trying to prod him back into action, so hopefully we’ll hear more from him while he’s still around. Have you seen any videos of Miles’ band from the ’73-’75 period? Cosey’s afro is as monstrous as the band’s sound. I’m kind of obsessive about ’70s Miles — perfect absinthe music.

No,have`nt seen any vids from that time.Maybe Youtube will have some someday.Cosey used to play with Muddy Waters in the late `60s.Chess records had a crazy idea of Muddy playing his standards in the style of Hendrix.Cosey was one of the guitarists.Electric Mud from 1968 or `69 is the album.
Laswell and Sakata?Ever heard Last Exit`s Noise Of Trouble album?killer 8)