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"King Tubby " wrote:

Husker Du’s "Eight Miles High"

When Coltrane hits that extended, hair-raising note in "Transition" and keeps it going longer than anyone in their right mind would wish he would

Side 4 of Miles Davis’ "Pangaea," when he sits it out and lets the band show him what he’s taught them about space, rhythm, texture, economy and creepy groove. Dark Magus indeed.

Nice picks man 8) when Mould screams towards the end Eight Miles High it`s like everything that pisses him off in the world is coming out of him.
I have Trane`s Transition on the box set(Classic Quartet);I need to go listen to that.There`s a version Of Naima from France in 1965 that just kills me.He goes into some of the most beautiful sax noise…
Miles` Agharta and Pangaea are like Miles` last stand.I love those albums.The songs just go on forever and what a killer band he had.Pete Cosey`s guitars solos are amazing.

The Lung guitar solo might be my most fave guitar solo ever.It`s certainly my fave J solo.