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like most people have said, the intro to Little Fury Things has to be my favourite. You’re Living All Over Me accomplishes the best wah sound i’ve ever heard. no one does it better. i really shouldn’t add any Dinosaur stuff on this list because there is so much.

– kim shouting "i wanna know!" on ‘cross the breeze’ by sonic youth
– the roaring guitar sound in ‘i only said’ by my bloody valentine
– when the drums kick in on bardo pond’s ‘limerick’
– guitar solo on ‘sometimes i forget’ by seam
– when robert pollard yells "pass the word the chicks are back…" on ‘big boring wedding’ by guided by voices
– all of lyrics to ‘redman and their wives’ by guided by voices
– the line "I summer where I winter at, and no one is allowed there" on husker du’s ‘celebrated summer’
– "teenage angst has paid off well, now i’m bored and old", ‘serve the servants’ by nirvana
– the outro to ‘the diamond sea’ by sonic youth. noise, chaos