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Here`s part 4 of "Fossil Fuel" by Mike Mettler
From Guitar Nov 94:

"I chose that track because I thought I could sing it better than some of the other tracks available,"(he notes.)"Most of those Kiss lyrics are so not me-that rock and roll all nite,party every day thing.But they asked me to be on the album;I got the call from Gene(Simmons),And I saved the message."
(Back on the Sound front,Mascis surprised himself by utilizing a capo over the course of the entire record.)"That came about because one day I was playing the song`Seemed Like The Thing` and I was trying to figure out where my singing voice was going to fit in,"(he explains)"the last time I used one was on `Little Furry Things`(from You`re Living All Over Me.)Using the capo on the second fret to get a D-type sound helps my voice fit in better with the melody.I don`t like to have to transpose the weird riffs I`m playing on guitar to accommodate my singing,so the capo really helped me there.Then I just went crazy and used it on the entire album,though I really could`nt tell you why."
(When it comes to gear,Mascis will champion vintage equipment until(if you pardon the expression)the cows come home.(you see,he also displays a fondness for collecting cow-oriented memorbilia.)"I`m not obsessed with a guitar`s original condition,just that it`s old,"(he relates)"it inspires me to play more if I just look at something that`s vintage,you know?I`m not a big fan of new guitar stuff at all.I like to think of guitars as items…for example,take drums.Drums I really don`t care about.If they sound good,fine;I`ve never been interested in old drums.But guitars…it`s a lot more important that they feel better and sound better,that they`re lived in.I`m not just playing guitar as an instrument-I mean,I could never play an Ibanez and do the Steve Vai thing."