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Here`s part 3 of "Fossil Fuel" by Mike Mettler
from Guitar Nov 94:

(Mascis believes this painstaking procedure was the main reason the songs on the two albums prior to Sound(Where You Been and 91`s Green Mind)did`nt end up to his complete satisfaction.The net result:Murph is officially banished from the band and Mascis is the sole drummer credited on the new album."It`s much better this way,"Mascis explains."I did`nt have to nail down the drums beforehand to teach to someone else.I did`nt even have to work it out or overanalyze it.I just played it straight,which made the music much looser.So Mike(Johnson,bassist) and I recorded the bass and drum part together.As for the songs themselves,I just wrote them on my guitar."
(J penned most of the album on a pair of Martins,one being an"experimental"unissued model sporting a wide neck,the other a D-28S with similar specs."they`re both made of Brazilian rosewood,which makes a big diffrence to me soundwise,"(he raves)."I like acoustics with wider necks because I don`t like my fingers getting in the way of each other."(Mascis cites Bob Dylan,folkie Nick Drake,and Ron Wood as acoustic influences,but his biggest unplugged hero contiues to be the venerable Richard Thompson."I just did a song of his,`I Misunderstood` for a all-covers album,"(he says proudly.With Firehose`s low end monster bassist Mike Watt on board as his sole support,Mascis blazes through this track from Thompson`s heralded `91 effort,Rumor And Sigh,and the songalso can be found on Capitol`s just released Beat The Retreat(Songs by Richard Thompson).(Incidently,Mascis pops up on another current tribute album,Mercury`s Kiss My Ass compilation,where he puts his own indelible,rough hewn stamp on "Goin Blind".)