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Here`s Part 7 of "Smokin J" By James Rotondi
From Guitar Player Oct 94:
(And to think it all starts out with purple(of course)Dunlop Tortex picks whacking .010 Dean Markley strings.Sounds normal enough-but there`s a catch:"I switch all the .013s with .014s,because I don`t like the number."
(what`s this -J Mascis,regular guy,is superstitious ?)"Yeah I`m a little parnaoid,a little psychotic,"(he says in his characteristic
tone,a quiet,sleepy mixture of William Burroughs and a Malibu surf dude.)"I`m into…
aliens.I was thinking I had been visited,but I don`t know for sure,so I was thinking of being
hypnotized to find out,That should clear up a few things.I just don`t want to know what they`ve done to me.It can`t be pleasant"(J holds his arm out,pointing to a faint but distingushable triangle shaped scar near his left elbow.)"I was getting a massage while I
was on tour,and had it pointed out to me.That night the opening band had these two alien magazines with pictures of all these
people with triangle scars on their backs and behind their knees."(He takes a last sip of Whispering Heaven.)"I`m like,Oh,great.just what I need."

That`s the end of that interview,if you want me to post more,please post a message here.