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Here`s part 4 of "Smokin J" by James Rotondi
From Guitar Player Oct 94:

"When I play electric guitar by myself,I only play solos,"(J notes.)"Acoustic is much more conductive to actually writing songs.I used a capo on nearly every song too.It was partly because I was sick,and I could sing a lot of the parts better and easier if I changed the key."(J used his capo on the second,third,or fifth frets.Earlier this year,J trotted out his `68
Martin D-28S,a Brazilian-rosewood-back-and-sides beauty with a wide neck,for a MTV Unplugged appearance with the croonmaster himself,Tony Bennett.)"That was pretty cool,"(grins Mascis)"I played `St. James Infirmary` with Tony Bennett`s trio,but they did`nt air it-I got cut out.I was totally bummed."(Mascis performed acoustic shows in small club settings as well,feeling)"more nervous than I `d been in a long time.It`s harder to fill up space without all this noise swirling around."
(But the fascination stuck.On new songs like "Outta Hand","Seemed like the thing",and "Mind Glow"(J used what he calls "an experimental `60`s Martin.It has a small body,but a wide neck similar to the D-28S.It`s the loudest acoustic I have."(The Phrygian-flavored solo lines on"Mind Glow" were picked out on the D-28S.)"I tried playing electric leads on it,but it just sounds weird,"(recalls J)"Acoustic is cool because you end up playing different kinds of leads;there`s not much sustain to rely on."(Mascis experimented with microphones to find an acoustic sound that had presence and body.)
"Every recorded acoustic I hear these days sounds like a fucking ovation,"(he sneers.)
"Sheeeng! No bottom end,just this zingy crap."