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Here`s part 3 of "smokin J" by James Rotondi
From Guitar Player Oct 94:

"When I started playing guitar,lead was all I was interested in,"(he recalls.)"Some people pick up the guitar and play chords,some people pick it up and play solos.I was never much for chords."(Though J claims ignorance of scale forms,his wild,mostly pentatonic lead style-later abetted by triple-teamed fuzz-boxes-got its start in high school,when he`d noodle along with Stones and Stooges records,
picking out breaks by Mick Taylor and Ron Asheton.)"I did`nt start playing for real until I got this band going."(J says of Dinosaur`s early days,when the lineup included future Sebadoh member Lou Barlow on bass.That was in the mid 80`s,after the dissolution of Deep Wound,A Pioneer Valley hardcore unit that featured Mascis behind the kit.)
"When I started the band,I was very influenced by Greg Sage,the guy from the Wipers,"(he explains.)"Most people have`nt heard of him,but he actually influenced Nirvana
and lots of people in the punk rock realm.His playing is amazing,and his songs are just great.I`ve definitely ripped off Greg Sage more than anyone else."(Dinosaur Jr.`s first three albums-Dinosaur(Homestead),You`re Living All Over Me,and Bug(both on SST) feature exquisite,ecstatic guitar noise amid a developing knack for hooks and hard rock-part of the transformation from Pere Ubu Jr to Purple Jr.)
(But it was`nt only Deep Purple that set the stage for J`s latest dour opus.He did`nt particularly enjoy last year`s Lollapalooza romp,and many of his sets seemed lackluster and jaded.Maybe it was tension with his record label,which failed to capitalize on his strong `93 release Where You Been,or maybe it was the untimely loss of his father,but J was chasing demons,and they doubled back,laying him up in his Manhattan pad with a serious case of pneumonia.)"I was sitting on the couch in my apartment for a couple of months,just being sick,"(he says)"I could`nt play too loud,so I wrote all the songs on acoustic."(It`s a telling difference,resulting in songs -some explosive,some soft and poignant-that work off cool chord changes as well as deadly riffs.)