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K7 Rides Again

ned-looks like we’re going to have an imaginary christmas!
Rod andTodd-yeah!!! imaginary christmas!!!
Rod- I got i pogo stick (pretending to be on pogo stick
Todd- I gota hula hoop (pretending to spin hula hoop around waist)

Homer-Marge! We need 500cc’s of snacks!STAT!

Officer Lou- Whoa-oa! Chief…the electric yellow’s got me by the brain bananna!

Ralph-I think I wet my bed! (begins crying)

Marge-hello, hello, hello…is there any body in there…Homer can you hear me…
Lisa-Dad, you’re not licking toads again are you?
Homer-I’m not, not licking toads honey.

Roy-I’m stoked Mrs. S!