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buckingham rabbit

stuff that i will always be on the lookout for in this sense are mostly things that are out of print. in san francisco we have an unbelievable record store that has a used cd section bigger than most stores have new. plus, the stuff you can find used there is amazing. their selection of new cds is great too. this one store has rendered going to all other record stores useless.

anyway, some stuff i am always looking for or hoping will get rereleased:

game theory: lolita nation
let’s active: cypress/afoot
anything by the orchids
guadacanal diary: 2×4
great unwashed: collection
jean paul sarte experience: size of food
the soft boys: invisibile hits
young marble giants: colossal youth
swampwater: swampwater
verlaines: juvenilia
del fuegos: boston, mass
the last: l.a. explosion
david bowie: his good albums on ryko that i don’t have
nick lowe: jesus of cool AND labour of lust –got them on vinyl but would like cd, but they are imports and cost like 20 bucks.

on another note, tonight i met eric gaffney at a party. maybe people around here hate sebadoh cause they love j so much, i dont know. a friend of mine is going to play bass for him.