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Other albums I`m watching out for:
Magnapop-Hot Boxing
Tom Waits-Small Change,Nighthawks At The Dinner
Syd Barrett-Barrett
Tindersticks-1st album
Flying Saucer Attack-Distance,Further
Low-Where The Curtain Hits The Cast
Teenage Fanclub-Catholic Education,The King
Cocteau Twins-Garlands,Treasure,Blue Bell Knoll,4 Calender Cafe
Cat Power-Moon Pix
Guided By Voices-Box
Codiene-Frigid Stars
Rein Sanction-Broc`s Cabin
Giant Sand-Center Of The Universe
June Of 44-Engine Takes To The Water
Squirrel Bait-self titled
Palace Brothers-There Is No One What Will Take Care Of You,Lost Blues 2