A good-ish show I thought. George’s bass playing is certainly a powerful thing, just a pity he hit so many bum notes, some of which Im sure I saw J wince at. Also George’s bellowing is hard to mistake for singing.

But on the plus side, Js guitar playing was spot on, helped by a good sound mix. I was sufficiently far forward to get the guitar from the marshalls and not from each side of the stage (which I find irritating). On the other hand I was too close to the moshers so every now then I had to ignore the band and palm off some git who couldnt hold his cider. Where did all those young kids who only seemed to know ‘Bug’ come from?

Certainly loud enough, mu head hurts a bit. Im suprised it was sold out as I have been to gigs at the Astoria where you couldn’t breathe and this one was definitely not a full house imho.

rock on tommy