well he may have been working for j, but i dunno. Looked more like some bloody first year film student the way he was waving it around.

the funny thing (i thought) was the guy who made him stop. This guy was one of those Ive seen at every gig Ive been too in the last 20+ years (maybe its the same one!). They are always extra tall,have weird blonde beards and hair and sort of disconnected body movements like someone cut the strings.

anyway, he got the camcorder guy to stop so hurrah for him

incidentally all through the late 70s early 80s I was a freelance photographer at gigs and invariably I would get in someones way if I wasnt in the pit or in the wings, but I would always move around so as not to piss the same people off constantly. (punks were not known for their gentle nature) Plus of course I kept my camera at my eye, not waving it around at arms length which helped. Essentially I took up no more room than anyone else