heh i havent been to dingwalls since i was a 17 year old punk in, ermmmm 1977.. and this wasnt it! Some horrible room.. I suppose the old one got pulled down to make yuppie £500,000 flats.. nice to see camden is still full of confused japanese youth wearing lampshades and other things they read were ‘cool’ in style mags.

Good show sound wise and not a bad view apart from some prat with a camcorder who seemed to feel this entitled him to distract everyone else with his lame camera moves.. plus the bugger was at least 6ft tall. Finally somebody even taller and more pugnacious made him stop -not that he did so with good grace. I hope that camcorder person was not one of ‘us’ cos if so he should be fucking ashamed of himself and should examine his selfishness more closely. You are very tall and you have a zoom lens, so you dont need to stand at the very front you git! J gave him the occasional look too, especialy when he virtually shoved the camera into his face

anyway, yes acoustic freakscene – sort of worked but the solo descended into sonic sludge as might have been expected – little of the new album. J seemed keen but Im sure he must be getting tired..I know i sort of drifted off during some of the solos although 99% were very good indeed. Hes got a punishing schedule and hes been playing these same songs a very long time indeed

For me its all worth it the very first time he goes ‘electric” mid song always a great moment especially when you see those audience members who didnt know/werent expecting it react. The sudden transition back to acoustic always gets a cheer too.

yeh he was very good, better than at metro I think… but I dont think I can see another J acoustic show for a while.. no matter how good the solos its getting a bit repetitive. I need to see him with a band again