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Del Gato by Gene Clark and Carla Olson

My name is Del Gato
born close to the border
of white blood and red blood I came
I travel the saddle
I follow the cattle
down on the range where they graze

And I just ride in from a hard southwestern drive
my lips parched and bloody
my face torn by sandstorms and pride

Royalties riches and innerbred bitches
was the brew that I drank as a child
so rebellious a lover
Don Juan as my cover
they die cast my type called me wild

and I just ride in from a hard southwestern drive
the hanging tree is waiting for me to arrive

Structured political
our children they ridicule
they teach them of sins and to lie
their schools built by fools
but by breaking their rules
like a fox I am forced now to hide

The peppertree spreads taking many men`s heads
but the one they want most is mine
to the mission I go
in San Juan I kneel
and I pray for the love of my life