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Bob Mould-Sacrifice/Let there be peace
"Should I bend down and worship the ground of the beautiful people who live without flaws"

Forgot the name of this Mould tune-
"All the friends I had,I can count them all with one hand tied behind my back"

-Compositions for the young and old
"Once a handshake was a man`s word,now it settles arguments in court"

Husker Du-Indecision time
"Tell me about your fellow man,you wipe their shit all over your hands"

-Divide And Conquer
"I expect I won`t be heard,because my silence is assured"

-Real World
"I don`t practice what you preach and I won`t see through your eyes"

I must be in a Mould mood!
Great topic Allison!
I`ll come up with more tommorow!